Stainless steel scoops

There are countless uses for weighing scoops. 

They have been and continue be an essential tool in areas such as laboratories, agriculture, and gastronomy.

Our comprehensive range of Wilesco scoops offer products to suit everyone’s needs.

Wilesco’s repertoire includes stainless steel weighing scoops with lengths between 175 and 290 mm. They have volumes between approx. 100 and 700 cm³.

Our stainless steel scoops are made with food-safe materials and thus also comply with the RoHS Directive. These  scoops are the highest quality scoops Wilesco has to offer. They combine the benefits of being durable and dishwasher safe in one single scoop.

The stainless steel scoops come with a highly polished finish and would thus also give the it a classy feel. The main field that these scoops of use in is the food industry, with its high demands in terms of hygiene.

Wilesco Dampfmaschinen

Scoop 175 mm

order number weight capacity
4285175 100 g ca. 57 cm³

Scoop 205 mm

order number weight capacity
4285205 112 g ca. 125 cm³

Scoop 240 mm

order number weight capacity
4285240 190 g ca. 220 cm³