Demo model steam engines

We have a variety of demo models designed for our retailers.
These demo models function electronically and are thus incredibly well suited for long-term use in display windows or shop floors.

The following steam engines are available as demo models:

D2 D2
D6 D6
D14 D14
D141 D141
D18 D18
D365 D365

Advertising material for retailers

Wilesco leaflet Wilesco leaflet

Wilesco leaflet

Closed format: DIN A5, 50 copies

7" LCD-Display 7" LCD-Display

7" LCD-Display

The display shows how various steam engines work, with audio and video. The screen can be placed next to the product and only needs a power supply.

lettering Wilesco logo (adhesive) lettering Wilesco logo (adhesive)

lettering Wilesco logo (adhesive)

Dimensions: 420 x 144 mm

lettering Wilesco logo (adhesive) - Detailinformationen
Wilesco product catalogue Wilesco product catalogue

Wilesco product catalogue

All engines, models, and accessories at a glance across 60 pages, DIN A4 format.

Wilesco Poster Wilesco Poster

Wilesco Poster

Steam fascination, size DIN A2