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Model Turbine T115 Model Turbine T115

Model Turbine T115

Elegance and Power Perfected

Embark on a journey into the realm of model turbines with the groundbreaking T115 by Wilesco. This pinnacle of engineering prowess seamlessly marries aesthetics and performance at the highest echelon. The T115 captivates with a sleek black base, a vibrant red boiler housing, and a brilliantly polished brass boiler. This harmonious fusion of elements elevates your collection to an unparalleled level.

Yet, the T115's allure goes beyond its exterior. Its inner workings are equally captivating. The boiler features innovative heat sheets that enable rapid steam generation. Steam control is executed precisely through the steam shut-off valve – ensuring absolute command. With the remarkable power of the T115, even powering a dynamo is within reach.

Experience technology up close, for the T115 is not merely a model; it's a fully functional steam engine. Order yours today and secure this masterpiece starting from autumn 2023. Please note that the showcased product is a prototype and the final design may exhibit minor deviations. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of model turbines – with Wilesco.