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D-58511 Lüdenscheid
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Wilesco steam engines - “Made in Lüdenscheid” - Wilesco innovates tradition

A century of making steam engines

The 100-year-old company Wilhelm Schröder GmbH & Co KG is better known by the brand name Wilesco: a byword amongst steam engine-enthusiasts for a wide range of the highest quality products “made in Germany”, the best customer service, and hours upon hours of fun with steam engines.

Each year we develop new products to keep our fans happy.

We showcase our new steam engine creations at the annual toy trade fair in Nuremberg.

Diecast aluminium and zinc are our speciality

Wilesco may be the first thing many think of when they’re on the topic of steam engines; however, alongside manufacturing steam engines, the company also works with diecast zinc and aluminium. Wilesco can offer its customers comprehensive, tailored support at every stage: from producing the diecast parts, to post-processing, to the final polish.

Stainless steel scoops and hooks

We use stainless steel to make some of our scoops and hooks. This has not only expanded the company’s product range, it is has contributed to our continuous drive to cater to the demands of our customers and the market.
We can offer you a broad selection of stainless steel scoops, plastic scoops, aluminium scoops, and hooks; perfect for life hacks.