Wilesco steam engines
Wilesco DampfmaschinenWilesco DampfmaschinenWilesco Dampfmaschinen

Wilesco model marine steam engines

Are you looking for a traditional motor for model boats, without any so called “electrics”?
Wilesco marine steam engines have the answer.

Wilesco marine steam engines don’t require an additional electric sound generator; what you hear is the authentic sound of a Wilesco marine steam engine. A model boat sailing at full steam is an true eye-catcher on any body of water.

The  model boat in question should be suitable for the installation of marine steam engines. Please make sure that:

  • there is a sufficient air supply to the boiler house,
  • there is enough space to fit the steam unit, so that there is no risk of fire due to overheating whilst the model is running.

Wilesco marine steam engines can be built into a variety of model boats. The size and weight of your model boat permitting, the steam engine will keep it going tirelessly. Our marine steam engines are available in two sizes, so that both small barges and larger model boats up to 1 m in length and 2 kg in weight can be sailed effortlessly.

Wilesco D52 steam model for shipbuilding

Wilesco D52 steam model for shipbuilding

The smallest version of a boat steam engine in the Wilesco range is a complete set containing a ship propeller and shaft as well as boiler and upright cylinder.

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